Lepidoptera The Yellow Shell Moth – Camptogramma Bilineata

Passing over two smaller genera, we come to the beautiful little Yellow Shell. This moth is so abundant in most parts that we arouse it at almost every stroke while beating low bushes.

The Yellow Shell Moths Fig. 206.-The Yellow Shell.

All its wings are yellow, and crossed by numerous delicate white and brown lines. The most conspicuous feature is the two white lines, with dark brown edging, crossing the fore wings.

The caterpillar feeds by night, and is therefore seldom seen except by those who make special nocturnal searches with the aid of a lantern or sweep net. It devours various grasses, and hides itself among the roots or under stones during the daytime. It is full grown in April or May. The colour is dull pale green, with a dark green dorsal line, and two white stripes on each side.