Lepidoptera The Waved Umber Moth – Hemerophila Abruptaria

The most gaily coloured member of this family is the Waved Umber, shown in fig. 6 of Moth PicturesPlate XII. Like many other Geometra, it rests on fences and tree trunks by day with wings expanded so that all four are displayed. It is on the wing in May and early June, and again in August, and often frequents our gardens at dusk.

The caterpillar is very dark brown, with a white collar on the front of the second segment. It feeds in June and July on privet (Ligustrum vulgare) and the cultivated rose trees of flower gardens, and probably also on the dog rose (Rosa canina). When full grown it spins a silken cocoon in a fork of one of the twigs, and there undergoes its metamorphoses.