Lepidoptera The Spurge Hawk Moth – Deilephila Euphorbia

This is a very rare British species; in fact, it has never been seen in this country in its perfect state, but the larva has been found plentifully at Appledore and Braunton Burrows, in North Devon, feeding on the sea spurge (Euphorbia Paralias).

The perfect insect is shown on Moth PhotoPlate IX (fig. 2).

The Caterpillar of Euphorbia Moth Fig. 99.-The Caterpillar of Euphorbia Moth.

The caterpillar is black, with a large number of small yellowish white dots, and two rows of spots of the same colour on each side. There is also a red line on each side, and another down the middle of the back. The horn is rough and red with a black tip. It feeds during August and September.