Lepidoptera The Smoky Wainscot Moth – Leucania Impura

This same genus includes a number of moths, very similar in general appearance, and popularly known as the ‘Wainscots.’ Of these we shall take two examples.

The Smoky Wainscot Moth Fig. 143.-The Smoky Wainscot.

The first is the Smoky Wainscot, so called from the dark smoky tint of the hind wings. Its fore wings are wainscot brown, with lighter rays; and they each have three black dots arranged in the form of a triangle, one in the centre, and the other two between this and the hind margin.

The caterpillar is yellowish, with a fine white line down the back. The spiracles are red, and inclosed in black rings. It feeds on sedges (Carex) from March to May.

The moth is on the wing from June to August.