Lepidoptera The Small Phœnix Moth – Cidaria Silaceata

Again passing over a few small and less important genera, we select the small Phœnix as the last example of this very extensive family.

The Small Phœnix Moths Fig. 207.-The Small Phœnix.

The fore wings of this species are dark brown, paler toward the hind margin. Most of the wing rays are generally of a pale yellowish colour, and a variable and complicated system of whitish lines crosses the wings near the base, and another near the hind margin. Among the latter there is always a series of dark triangular spots, with apices pointing towards the hind margin.

This moth is moderately common throughout the British Isles, and is double brooded, appearing in May and August.

The caterpillar is green, with a row of brown spots along the middle of the back. When full grown it changes to a chrysalis in a light web.