Lepidoptera The Small Magpie Moth – Eurrhypara Urticata

The Small Magpie Moths Fig. 211.-The Small Magpie.

The family Botyda contains the moths that are popularly known as the ‘Pearls’ on account of the pearly lustre of the wings. One of its species-the Small Magpie-is shown in the accompanying illustration. Its fore wings are pearly white, with blackish hind margin, a yellow streak at the base, and blackish markings, the arrangement of which may be seen in the figure.

It is a very common moth, flying at dusk during June and July in waste places where the stinging nettle grows.

The caterpillar is whitish, with a dark dorsal line. It feeds on the stinging nettle (Urtica dioica), always remaining concealed between leaves which it has spun together with silken threads.