Lepidoptera The Silver-spotted Skipper Butterfly – Hesperia Comma

Butterfly Image The Silver-spotted Skipper. Fig. 96.-The Silver-spotted Skipper-Under Side.

This species is very similar on the upper side to the last, except that the squarish spots of both fore and hind wings are much paler and much more distinct; and here, too, the male (Butterflies ImagePlate VII, fig. 16) is to be distinguished from the female by a black streak crossing the front wings obliquely. The under surface has a greenish tinge, more particularly on the hind wings; and this side is conspicuously marked with a number of white square spots with sharp outlines, arranged as shown in fig. 96.

Although common in some localities, this butterfly is not widely distributed. It is confined to some of the southern and midland counties of England, and is particularly partial to the chalk districts of the south-east. On the chalk downs of Kent, Surrey, and Sussex it is moderately common. It is on the wing during July and August.

The caterpillar feeds on certain leguminous plants, among which are the bird’s-foot (Ornithopus perpusillus) and the bird’s-foot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus).