Lepidoptera The Silver Ground Carpet Moth – Melanippe Montanata

The Silver Ground Carpet Moths Fig. 204.-The Silver Ground Carpet.

In this species the ground colour is silvery white. The bases of the fore wings are blotched with pale brown, and a dark brownish-grey bar, containing a black spot, crosses the middle. The hind margins of the fore wings are faintly marked with pale brown, and lines of the same tint, more or less distinct, cross the hind wings.

This moth is very common in all parts of the country, and may be seen on the wing throughout the summer.

The caterpillar is light brown, with several longitudinal lines of different colours. On the back of each of the segments seven, eight, and nine is a distinct black V-shaped mark, terminating behind with a bright red spot. It feeds on the primrose (Primula acaulis) in the autumn, hybernates through the winter, and is full grown about the beginning of April.