Lepidoptera The Peppered Moth – Amphidasys Betularia

The Peppered Moth Fig. 179.-The Peppered Moth.

Although this common species displays no bright tints, yet it is prettily marked, its whitish wings being peppered and blotched all over with black or very dark brown. It flies in May and June, later than any other species of the family, and may generally be found on fences and tree trunks during the day.

The colour of the caterpillar is very variable-drab, grey, green, or brown; but it may be known by the deep notch in the middle of the head, and the arrangement of its ‘humps.’ These latter are only small reddish or whitish projections, of which there is one on each side of the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, tenth, and eleventh segments; also two on the back of the ninth and twelfth. It feeds in August and September on a large number of trees, including, in fact, nearly all our commonest forest and fruit trees. In September it enters the soil to undergo its change to the chrysalis.