Lepidoptera The Oak Hook Tip Moth – Drepana Binaria

This can hardly be described as a very common moth, but it is fairly plentiful in the woods of the southern counties of England.

The Oak Hook Tip Moth Fig. 129.-The Oak Hook Tip.

Its wings are yellowish brown, marked with two lighter transverse lines. There are two black spots between the lines of the fore wings. The antenna of the male are pectinated; those of the female simple. The latter sex is further distinguished by the paler colour of the hind wings.

The larva is brown, with a broad stripe, edged with yellow, down the back. There are two projections on the back of the fourth segment. It feeds on oak (Quercus Robur) and birch (Betula alba).

This moth is double-brooded, and may be seen on the wing in June and August. The larva may be beaten from the above-mentioned trees in June and July, and again in September.