Lepidoptera The Marvel-du-jour Moth – Agriopis Aprilina

The Marvel-du-jour is decidedly a beautiful moth-quite an exception among the Noctua in this respect, and it is withal both common and widely distributed. We need not describe it, since it is represented on Moth ImagePlate XI (fig. 2), and can hardly be mistaken for any other species.

The caterpillar is dull green, often tinged with red. The dorsal line is broad and dark, and interrupted by a series of very light lozenge-shaped spots. It feeds on the oak in May and June, and is full grown in the latter month. It then burrows into the earth at the foot of the tree, and there constructs a fragile earthen cocoon previous to changing to a chrysalis.

From July to September the chrysalides may be obtained in plenty by breaking up the sods at the roots of oaks, and the perfect insect may be found toward the end of September and throughout October.