Lepidoptera The Marbled Minor Moth – Miana Strigilis

The next three genera (Miana, Phothedes, and Celana) include seven small moths known as the ‘Minors.’ The commonest of them is the Marbled Minor, which is to be found in abundance everywhere during June and July.

The Marbled Minor Moths Fig. 153.-The Marbled Minor.

This species is very variable, but the fore wings are usually dark brown, marbled with a lighter colour-white or grey. There is generally an irregular white or pale grey band crossing the wings parallel with the hind margin, and two white marks on the inner margin, halfway between this band and the base. There is also a deep black blotch across the middle of the wing.

The caterpillar is greyish or greenish with paler lines and black spiracles. It feeds on grasses in March and April, and changes to a chrysalis under the ground in May.