Lepidoptera The Maiden’s Blush Moth – Zonosoma Punctaria

The family Ephyrida contains only six British species, chiefly remarkable for the fact that their pupa generally resemble those of butterflies.

We choose for our example the pretty little Maiden’s Blush, so called on account of the soft reddish patch on the middle of each fore wing. It is represented in fig. 7 of Moth PicturesPlate XII. It is moderately common, occurring more or less in all parts of England, as well as certain localities in the sister countries. It is a double-brooded moth, and may be caught in May and August.

The caterpillar feeds on oak (Quercus Robur), from which it may be obtained by beating both in June and September. It is either green or tawny yellow, marked with yellow oblique lines on the sides.