Lepidoptera The Garden Pebble Moth – Pionea Forficalis

The same family contains also the Garden Pebble, which is one of the commonest frequenters of gardens, both in town and country.

The Garden Pebble Moths Fig. 213.-The Garden Pebble.

The fore wings are pale yellowish grey with brown markings. The latter include a fine line from the tip to the middle of the inner margin, and another paler one inside and parallel with this, having a dark spot near its centre. The hind wings are lighter, and have a pale and interrupted line parallel with the hind margin.

The caterpillar is pale greenish, with a dark line along the back and on each side. It feeds on the cabbage and other cruciferous plants.

The moth flies from May to the end of the summer, and the caterpillar may be found about midsummer, and again in the autumn.