Lepidoptera The Figure Of Eight Moth – Diloba Caruleocephala

The Figure of Eight Moth Fig. 141.-The Figure of Eight.

The fore wings are brownish grey. Near the middle of the wing, but nearer the costa than the inner margin, are two whitish spots that resemble the figure 8. The hind wings are dull brownish grey, with darker wing rays, and a dark spot near the centre.

This moth is common in all parts, and flies during September.

The caterpillar emerges from the egg in spring, and is fully grown in May or June. It is of a very pale colour-yellowish or greenish-with a broad and broken yellow stripe down the back, and a bluish or greenish stripe on each side. Its head is blue (hence the specific name) with two black spots. It feeds on the hawthorn (Cratagus oxyacantha) and various fruit trees; and on the twigs of these (especially the hawthorn) the little clusters of eggs may be seen during the winter.