Lepidoptera The Cream-spot Tiger Moth – Arctia Villica

There is yet another Tiger-the Cream-spot-too beautiful and too common to be excluded from our list. It is represented on Moth PhotosPlate X (fig. 4); and, like the others of its genus, is so boldly marked that mistaken identity is impossible.

It is a very sluggish moth, more often seen at rest than on the wing, and will suffer itself to be roughly handled without making any attempt to escape.

The caterpillar may be observed on sunny banks, generally feeding on chickweed (Stellaria media) but sometimes on various other low-growing weeds, including the dock and the dandelion. Its colour is black, with red head and legs, and its body is covered with long brown hairs. It commences to feed in the autumn, hybernates throughout the winter, and is full grown in May, towards the end of which month it changes to a black chrysalis within a light silken web.

The perfect insect appears in June.