Lepidoptera The Coxcomb Prominent Moth – Lophopteryx Camelina

The family Notodontida contains several moths of somewhat varied appearance, but foremost among them are the ‘Prominents,’ distinguished by a conspicuous projection on the inner margin of the fore wings.

The Coxcomb Prominent Moth Fig. 133.-The Coxcomb Prominent.

Our example of this group is the Coxcomb Prominent.

Its fore wings are brown, with darker markings arranged as shown in the illustration; and the hind margins are scalloped. The hind wings are much paler, with a dark brown patch in the anal angle.

The caterpillar is green, with a yellowish line on each side. The spiracles are black, and there are two small humps on the twelfth segment. It feeds during August, September, and October, on various trees, including the oak, birch, poplar, hazel, and alder.

The moth flies from June to August, and is moderately common and widely distributed.