Lepidoptera The Blue-bordered Carpet Moth – Melanthia Bicolorata

This same family (Larentiida) is remarkable for its large number of pretty moths, popularly known as the ‘Carpets,’ many of which are exceedingly common in our woods and gardens.

The Blue-bordered Carpet Moths Fig. 201.-The Blue-bordered Carpet.

Our first example of these is the Blue-bordered, which is pretty well represented in several counties of Great Britain and Ireland. Its white fore wings are boldly marked with a blotch of greyish brown at the base, and another extending from the middle of the costal margin more than halfway across. The hind margin is marked with two bluish grey bars, separated by a white line. The hind wings are white, with a very small dark spot, and a bluish grey margin something like that of the fore wings.

The caterpillar is green, with longitudinal stripes of a darker and lighter shade. It feeds in June on the alder (Alnus glutinosa) and blackthorn (Prunus spinosa); and when full grown it changes to a brown chrysalis within a light silken web.

The moth flies in July and August.