Lepidoptera The Beautiful Carpet Moth – Melanthia Albicillata

The Beautiful Carpet Moths Fig. 202.-The Beautiful Carpet.

The Beautiful Carpet belongs to the same genus as Bicolorata. Its wings are of a rich creamy white, clouded with grey along the hind margin. The basal blotches of the fore wings are large, of a dark brown colour, and marbled with a light tint. Near the tips of these wings is another conspicuous blotch of the same colour, from which a delicate wavy dark line runs to the inner margin. A small dark spot also lies near the middle of the costal margin of each of the four wings.

The caterpillar is green, with a white line along the spiracles, and a triangular reddish spot on the back of segments four to ten inclusive. It feeds on the bramble (Rubus fruticosus), raspberry (R. Idaus), and wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca). It may be found in June and July.

The moth flies in June.