Lepidoptera Alucita Hexadactyla Moth

Our last example of the Pterophori is the Twelve-plume Moth, the only British representative of the family Alucitida.

Hexadactyla Moths Fig. 218.-Hexadactyla-Enlarged.

This little insect is of a yellowish colour, with two dark bands across the fore wings; and both fore and hind wings are divided into six distinct feathers. It is a common moth, and frequents sheltered spots, flying at dusk. It appears in August, remains on the wing till October, and then hybernates till the following April. During the winter it is commonly met with in outhouses and even in dwelling houses.

The caterpillar feeds during June and July on the flower buds of the honeysuckle (Lonicera Periclymenum). It is not hairy, like most of the larva of the last family; and, unlike these, it changes to a chrysalis in a silken cocoon.